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Presentation of Sainte-Sévère-sur-Indre


Ste Sévère is a charming little town in the Indre, Berry Province, famous the world over as the location for the film « Jour de Fete » directed by Jacques Tati in 1947.

The « Maison Jour de Fete »  by Sceneovision, situated in the Market square, was opened on the 9th April 2009  to afford visiters a fascinating insight into the creation of the film.Affiche

 The charm of Ste Sévère sur Indre lies in it's many historical features including the Market Hall, the ruined tower of the old castle keep on it's motte and the hidden alleyways, as well as the river Indre which skirts the town and has it's source just a few kilometers away.

 Notable figures from the past include Bertrand du Guesclin who liberated Ste Sévère from the English after a lengthy siege in 1372 and of course the celebrated novelist George Sand who used the town as a character in her books.

Years go by in Sainte-Sévère, and even if new buildings are acquired, time has Maison Médicaletaken it's inevitable toll on the fabric of certain buildings so it is incumbent upon us to guard against further degradation, so that future generations can appreciate the charm and historical significance this small town.

Croix To this end «  The friends of the Tower and of the Severois Heritage » was created at the end of for the purpose of overseeing the preservation, the enhancement of the history of Sainte-Sévère-sur-Indre, its enrichment and improvement through restoration and cleaning.




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